Review of “You Should See Me in a Crown” by Leah Johnson

Leah Johnson’s debut You Should See Me in a Crown is a book that I’ve been wanting to read for a while. I have been on a fantasy kick for so long that I wanted to wait until the right moment to read this contemporary YA fiction novel. Well, after a 20 or 30 somethingContinue reading “Review of “You Should See Me in a Crown” by Leah Johnson”

Madeline Miller Characters as Taylor Swift Songs

*This article contains spoilers for The Song of Achilles, Circe, and Galatea. Here is the post you didn’t know you were waiting for: Madeline Miller Characters as Taylor Swift songs! For an extra challenge, I only used songs from Swift’s most recent album, Folklore.  the 1 – Penelope Excerpt of lyrics: “We never painted byContinue reading “Madeline Miller Characters as Taylor Swift Songs”

Review Of “Galatea” by Madeline Miller

A short review for a short story!  How can Madeline Miller pack such a punch in a story that’s basically 20 pages long? I do not understand how she had the ability to make Galatea as powerful as it is. I have seen calls for this short story to be turned into a full lengthContinue reading “Review Of “Galatea” by Madeline Miller”

A Love Letter to Circe From Someone Who Can Relate

On Monday, you heard from Dana about why she loves The Song of Achilles more than any other work of Madeline Miller’s. I promised you all that friends would be pitted against each other over the course of the week on this blog. That’s why today I’m here to discuss the reasons why it’s actuallyContinue reading “A Love Letter to Circe From Someone Who Can Relate”

A Small Compilation of Books Steeped in Mythology

One of the best aspects about Madeline Miller Week so far is that I’ve been able to discover a wide variety of books about mythology. In the U.S., stories from Ancient Greece are often the only mythology that people are exposed to from a young age. This is a disappointing practice, because there are manyContinue reading “A Small Compilation of Books Steeped in Mythology”

Welcome to Madeline Miller Week!

I’m so excited to be hosting my first ever bookish event! I’m also a little nervous. The love and feedback I’ve gotten from the online bookish community has already been great. Let’s be honest, though, putting on a social media event can be scary. The thoughts in the back of my mind have been “isContinue reading “Welcome to Madeline Miller Week!”

ARC Review of “Crowning Soul” by Sahira Javaid

Welcome to my first ever advance reading copy (ARC) review! ARC reviewing has been a goal of mine since starting Ristra Reads and Recs, and I hope that this is the first of many. For my initial ARC review, I chose to read Crowning Soul by Sahira Javaid. I chose it because of its diverseContinue reading “ARC Review of “Crowning Soul” by Sahira Javaid”

Review of “Realm of Ash” by Tasha Suri

I am conscious of the fact that most of my book reviews thus far have been positive. I think it’s natural that as I establish my blog, I write about some of my favorite novels. That being said, I have to note that even amongst my most treasured books, Realm of Ash by Tasha SuriContinue reading “Review of “Realm of Ash” by Tasha Suri”

Review of “Empire of Sand” by Tasha Suri

Do you ever pick up a book in a bookstore, and just know that you’re going to love it? And then, some of the time, because that feeling secretly came just from liking the cover, you are horribly wrong. But on that rare, beautiful occasion, you and a book really do connect, and before youContinue reading “Review of “Empire of Sand” by Tasha Suri”

Review of “The Empire of Gold” by S. A. Chakraborty

This review contains spoilers for The City of Brass and The Kingdom of Copper.  It has been such a delight to revisit S. A. Chakraborty’s Daevabad trilogy and review it for the blog! I am sad to be sharing the third and final review, because it means saying goodbye to the series again, at leastContinue reading “Review of “The Empire of Gold” by S. A. Chakraborty”